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Used Yamaha CVP309PM Polished Mahogany

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Used Yamaha CVP309PM Polished Mahogany
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Stunning USED CVP309PM Hi Gloss Mahogany 

Yamaha CVP309 is an 88-key Graded Hammer keyboard with an attractive polished cabinet with 451 different voices including an advanced piano sound. Its Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) piano voice is made up of CD-quality stereo samples that dynamically adjust according to touch. 3-step sampling faithfully reproduces key-off sounds, stereo sustain sounds, and soundboard reverb. An extra-large, full-colour LCD display shows notation, lyrics, and more in incredible detail. Mega Voices provide incredibly accuracy and reproduction of natural instrument sounds. Natural!, Sweet!, Cool!, and Live! voices simulate woodwinds, brass, and guitars with superb fidelity. Organ Flutes! give an adjustable organ tone. Karaoke functionality makes it fun to sing along with the music. A PC interface connects the Yamaha CVP309 Clavinova to a personal computer. 128+128-note polyphony allows for the maximum in layered, textured multi-instrumental composition. The CVP309 is designed for the musician looking for a wide variety of voices, the most polyphony, a huge number of features, and a sharp, easy to read display.

• 88-key Natural Wood Keyboard
• 640x480 Resolution colour LCD with grand piano-style fallboard
• Score/lyrics display function
• 3-Step Dynamic Stereo Sampling tone generation with stereo sustain samples, key-off samples and string resonance
• 128+128 note polyphony (main tone generation + style tone generation
• 451 preset panel voices (with the ability to customise and design your own sounds)
• Organ flute control
• XG/GM/GM2/GS/Disk Orchestra compatible
• Digital effects section
• Powerful EQ
• Vocal Harmony
• Includes Mega Voice Technology
• 456 accompaniment styles and rhythms, each with 4 variations
• Music Finder
• Guide-light function
• 16 track recording
• Karaoke function

• iAFC - Instrumental Active Field Control for incredible depth of sound 

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