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TRX Hammond Compact
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The New TRX Hammond Compact


The classic Hammond organ sound built in to a beautiful TRX cabinet ideal for the home.  It’s the sound that everyone’s after! 


  • Hammond SKX Organ
  • TRX Classic Custom Stand
  • 100w Speaker System
  • Cloth Speaker Grill hiding the Speakers 
  • 13 Note Bass Pedals
  • Volume Pedal
  • Deluxe Hydro Bench
  • Quality Delivery & Setup Service


Three Drawbar Sets

The SKX offers the advantage of three independent sets of drawbars - UPPER, LOWER & PEDAL. This means you can craft your own organ sounds using real drawbars - just like the original classic Hammond tonewheel organs. 

Additional Voice Sections

There are now two independent sample voice sections which can be activated together to produce layered sounds. You can either layer two voices together on the same manual, or have different sampled sounds on UPPER / LOWER manuals. These additional voice sections can be layered with the drawbar sounds, and the volume can be mixed for each sound generator.

Easy To Use - On Stage, At Home, Or In The Studio

The SKX comes pre-loaded with 100 factory sound programs - expertly created to cover the most popular Hammond tone wheel organ presets, as well as Grand piano, synth, electric piano and other sounds that you'll need every day. In addition to the 100 presets, there are 100 user location for you to store your own sounds. 

The expanded memory on the SKX allows you to download even more extra voices from the Hammond website for loading into the instrument. This means you can tailor your SKX to suit your own individual playing needs. 

Authentic Vintage Sound

The SKX uses Virtual Tonewheel technology to faithfully reproduce the sound of vintage Hammond organs including the legendary B3. All the important sound characteristics (and imperfections) of the original instrument have been analysed and recreated in detail. There are also popular Transistor Organ sounds which can be controlled in the original way, as well as 32 high quality classical pipe organ voices. The SKX is the perfect instrument to play a wide variety of musical styles. 

Percussion & Chorus/Vibrato

The original organ percussion sound is present on the SKX and is created using Hammond's exclusive Touch Response Percussion system - just as it is found on the vintage instruments. 

As the Virtual Tonewheel Generator provides tonal accuracy, the classic Mechanical Scanner is precisely Digitally Modeled, providing the timeless Hammond Chorus/Vibrato effect. C1, 2, 3, V1, 2, 3 etc. The effect may be applied independently to each Manual, and again, nearly every aspect of the effect can be tailored to your taste, including the characteristics relating to age and wear so desired by discerning players.


77 years of building Don Leslie's Masterpiece has given us the edge in developing its 21st Century Digital Edition. The HAMMOND'S essential partner is yours at every moment, with 8 factory profiles of the most famous Leslie models (122, 147, etc.) and 8 User-definable profiles allowing you to tailor the response matching the Hammond you create with its perfect mate. The accuracy of sound is remarkable. Of course, should you wish to hook up a physical Leslie Cabinet, the traditional 11-pin jack is located on the rear panel, and the onboard controls (including the optional CU-1 half moon switch) perform exactly as you expect.


The inclusion of Hi-Definition Acoustic and Electric Pianos, Clav, Bass, and Accordion voices compliment the Organ tones, and create in the SKX a comprehensive foundation keyboard, the backbone of any serious keyboard rig. The SKX's keying system replicates the touch responce of a keyboard when playing piano type voices, yet remains supple and responsive to every Hammond Organ technique. Stepping further, the most popular Orchestral Voices, Strings, Woodwinds and Brass are represented, many featuring Hammond's exclusive ProChord, which brings complex voicing to single key play based on the chords YOU provide. An extensive Library of elective EXTRA VOICES is available without charge from, to expand the SKX in directions YOU choose.

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