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SX900 Super Elite Upgrade

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Super Elite Upgrade for PSR-SX900

Musicland has created an exciting new software upgrade to the PSR-SX900 incorporating 17 brand new sampled sounds then blended with the PSR-SX900 sounds to create 112 stunning brand new registrations complete with accompaniment and bass all bundled with our existing software giving a total of over 600 registrations.

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of software being a copy-able product, refunds and returns will not be accepted unless the software is faulty; In which case the software will be exchanged.


  • ANDRE BALLADS (Beautiful New Solo HD Violin with Orchestral Strings)
  • ANDRE RIEU (Popular Andre Rieu full string orchestra)
  • BERTS PLACE (All New famous Bert Kempfert Selection) 
  • BLACKPOOL FULL (Mighty Blackpool Organ with March Styles)
  • BLACKPOOL SOFT (Mellow Theatre Organ with Waltz & Foxtrot Styles)
  • DAVID’S DIXIE (David Harrild’s Popular Dixieland Jazz Band)
  • JAMES LAST (Popular Orchestra with Fast Latin & Soft Ballad Styles)
  • KLAUSLAND (New Euro Organs with Ballad & Latin Styles)
  • ORGAN AGOGO (Popular Organ & Sax from James Last with Jazz & Latin)
  • OPERA (Beautiful New Choir, Tenor & Soprano Human Voice Selection)
  • PAN ECHO'S (Superb Pan Pipes & Orchestra with Latin & Ballad Styles)
  • PIANO SUPREME (Superior Piano left hand at all times with Piano & Sax)
  • SCOTTISH AYRE (All New Amazing Bagpipe Bands & Reels)
  • TED HEATH (Ted Heath Big Band sounds with Fast & Slow.

Combined with our original registrations giving over 600 total registrations

All our latest software covers every configuration including Single Keyboard, Single Keyboard with Pedals and Twin Keyboard systems with or without pedals. We at Musicland are dedicated to software development to bring you new and exciting sounds/registrations for your Yamaha keyboards bringing a whole new dimension to your music.

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